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Born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain) in 1989, Daniel Díaz claims to be a full-time learner as long as the situation allows it. In his childhood, he jumped from adventure books (à la Stevenson's Treasure Island) and dinosaur encyclopedias to the most fascinating Kafka's works (like Vor dem Gesetz). He spent his adolescence as a music producer and audio masterer, a period where he set up a profound passion for music, until he entered college as a Mathematics student in the University of Málaga. Once there, he found himself concerned about the current state of the education system and started fighting in his own way to improve it, firstly with a passive attitude to the established rules. Parallely, he developed a special interest in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science, topics to which he devoted a huge amount of his life, especially in the latter. At the same time, he participated leading a juvenile association towards the benefits of an alternative and healthy entertainment, and also directed a community of players in an online strategy game. Later, he flew to the United States to learn English and take a look to the free land education, taking some courses at Georgia Southern University. This trip only made him worry even more about the path that education is taking nowadays. Today, he keeps accumulating passions, not having lost any of them from his days as a child.

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